Day 6: Hobbes

30 meters

Dry from the summer heat the tall grasses rustle in the hot wind. He snuffles, the wind is coming off his prey, he can smell the stink of it. He moves forward carefully, timing his movements with the gusts and eddies of wind, the rustle of movement lost in the breezes.

20 meters

He crouches for long moments, his prey takes shade under a strangely twisted tree, safe from the midday suns. The tip of his tail flicks expectantly, with will he calms it. His prey hears nothing.

10 meters

He is up to the edge of the clearing, in it the grass is matted down from use, his prey is not the only one to use the tree as shelter. He changes stance from stalking to prepared to spring. Two bounds and the prey will be his. He forces his tail to calm itself. He waits for his prey to look away. His butt wiggles in defiance.

The moment comes.

Taut muscles and sinews launch him forward. one jump, the prey hears but turns too late, two jumps, the powerful legs launch him in a graceful and terrible arc. He strikes his victim in the chest, knocking the wind from it, eliminating any chance of escape.
The prey fights back but its struggles are futile. Hobbes stifles a giggle as Calvin tries to crawl away.
“I thought I told you to stay with the ship”
” You did, and I did” replies Hobbes, “but you didn’t say how looong I was to stay” {{giggle}}

Well, he’s Hobbes, fuzzy bellied pouncer who loves the belly rubs and smooches. He gets dragged along by Calvin into just about every misadventure the spaceman has. He’s not so secretly in love with Suzie. and his favorite tactic is the sneak up and pounce.


Day 5: Calvin “Spiff” Johns

OK folks, I’m going for the low hanging fruit on this one and having a little fun:

Calvin has wanted to be a spaceman ever since he was 7. To be fair he has also wanted to be a cheap detective, a superhero and a tyrannosaurus, so take from that what you will.
His adventures usually involve him crashing into a planet due to enemy activity, or malfunctions on his spaceship, both of which happen with alarming frequency. As a result of these crashes his insurance premiums are quite high. He regularly gets captured by a variety of aliens, especially the zorg, but always manages to escape, which usually involves running away as fast as he can.
His spaceship is an experimental model, which may account for the frequent malfunctions. Its Hyper-Freem Drive is capable of shunting him into a space where time has no meaning and carrying him to the most distant worlds in the galaxy. As a result, he has visited a variety of worlds, encountered numerous alien species and blasted them.
His primary weapon, other than snowballs and water balloons (I mean hydro-bombs) is his trusty zorcher. The weapon creates an astounding amount of noise and pyrotechnics but does very little damage despite having settings such as “Shake-n’-Bake”, “Medium Well”, “Deep Fat-fry”, “Frappe” and “Liquefy”.
Calvin has a knack for extreme sports, particularly freestyle downhill sledding and Calvinball.

Calvin Johns

Day 4: Patricia “Hush” Welker

Patricia Welker collects memories. Every morning she takes out her notebook and works through the littany of the places she’s been, the people she’s met. From the smell of Georgina’s bake shop on 429 Smith street, to the last light of a day sparkling on the spire of the Voight Corp building on the first day of spring – she has a host of memories from the last 3 months and cherishes each one as she takes careful notes about each thing she discovers. The light of dawn, the overheard snippets of conversation in the main square, the look on young lovers faces as they get lost in each other on a monorail platform. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch. Everything gets noted and everything gets remembered. Memories are not to be taken for granted, especially after you’ve been mind wiped.

Patricia suffered a headwound somewhere, sometime, and she was found wandering the backstreets of Mar Sara City. A kindly citizen took her to the emergency room where they stitched her up. They extracted a computer chip from her head wound and attributed her memory loss to feedback from the damaged chip. At her insistence a friendly doctor arranged for her to not be turned over to the authorities. As far as she can piece together she’s a ghost, an assassin for the Terran Dominion. She has all the equipment, and as one traveller who wouldn’t take “back off” as an answer found out, she has the skills. She’s only vaguely interested in finding out about her past life, all she can discover about the ghost program gives her doubts about returning to that life. Even her name is a new creation, the only thing she knows from her past life is that her call sign was “Hush”.

She travelled to Backwater Station to see the sunrise and sunsets over the badlands. When the protoss “glassed” the planet, unique crystalline structures were formed and resulted in glorious views among the canyons.

Build notes: Sold back Knowledge – area knowledge, since the mindwipe took that away
When she advances in level I would probably give her the photographic memory perk and possibly Creativity – artist skill

Patricia Welker

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