P1000700.JPGGenCon has come and gone and it’s time for the loot post!

On the upper left we have a Shadowrun anthology called Drawing Destiny.  Wife has read it, I haven’t made it there yet.  Also Shadowrun related is the “prototype” preview of the new Anarchy ruleset for Shadowrun.  The premise is a rules light version of the ponderous rules of Shadowrun.  Haven’t read it cover to cover but I’m not sure about it.  While I agree Shadowrun is big, I think they might be diverging too much for my tastes.

Continuing clockwise, we have dice on top of 7th Sea rules.  The dice are Classic dice from Q-Workshop, d10s for 7th Sea and a standard poly set for D&D.  I have too many dice but it’s the Con so the dice must flow.  The 7th Sea rules are actually from a KickStarter and were waiting for me on my return to Harrisburg.  But they were for sale at the Con so I’ve included them here.  I got the “Pirate” level so I received a normal copy of the rules and the black pirate edition.  The rules are heavy on the GM winging it/  I played a session at the Con and had a great time even though it ran til midnight and there were only 2 other players.

In the Upper right we have the Pathfinder purchases.  Horror Adventures, Ultimate Intrigue and an adventure Gallows of Madnesss. as well as a novel  Pirate’s Honor.  I Like Pathfinder but have only played at Cons. (Alas I am currently between groups and not playing anything on a regular basis)  Pathfinder’s default setting, Golarion, is a well detailed world that will be branching further out into the sci-fi realms with next year’s StarFinder rules/setting.

Below that is the Campaign Coins’ 13th Age offering –  Tokens and coins.  Again this was actually from a KickStarter but I picked up the coins at the Con (Thanks guys)  These are real metal fantasy themed coins.  There’s a large d20 medallion that I picked up from them as well.

To the right and below that are my Malifaux/ Through the Breach purchases.  Two decks of cards, one for the Fate Deck and one for the Twist Desk.  The books are the majority of my haul.  I picked up The Fated Almanac (Player’s handbook), the Fatemaster’s Almanac (GM guide), Into the Steam, Under QuarantineInto the Bayou and an adventure In Defense of Innocence.  The game is steampunk/ gothic horror in a wild west style setting.  (Yeah, kind of like Deadlands, but with more gremlins)  The rules rely on cards instead of dice.  Very intrigued by this.

A little to the left and kind of in the middle there is my personalized Crown Royal dice bag.    I ordered this specifically for the Con so even though it was an outside purchase it is included.  You may notice more dice on the bag.  That’s a set of dice I purchased while toying with the idea of replacing my Alternity dice which were letting me down.  Unfortunately this set of dice performed no better.  Oh well, Alternity is going to be revamped for release by Sasquatch Game Studio next year and they are thinking of a “roll high” mechanic, if that happens my dice will be ready!

The base of the last stack is the Cypher System and Gods of the Fall.  I’m still not sure if I like the rules for this.  I have Numenera and love the setting, but the rules…  Gods of the Fall has you playing as potential godlings after heaven crashes to earth.  Many good ideas here.

On top of that stack are the fruits of yet another KickStarter, PolyHero Warrior set; poly dice shaped like weapons and armor.  Pretty unique.

Well, that’s all for now, I will get into more depth on the systems and such in the coming days…