Let’s talk about dice.
I love them, truely I do.  Of course I love fake coins too.  The wife says I have a passion for things that clatter and I can’t disagree.  I blame it all on having a button jar to play with when I was a kid.  My mother did quite a bit of sewing and playing with the button jar kept me close and busy so I didn’t get into trouble.

Whatever the reasons are, I find dice fascinating.  Perhaps it’s that desire to find the right mathematics that will allow control of a chaotic universe, but that’s drifting into esoteric territory that we won’t get into today.
Today we will discuss dice, the polyhedral variety that are used in my favorite past time Role-Playing Games.

There are two general categories of dice and they can be distinguished by the humble d4.  Old school dice are read by the number at the bottom (flat side) of the d4,  the more “modern” are the Chessex dice type which have the number at the apex of the d4.  A couple good sources of dice are Chessex and Q-WorkshopThe Chessex dice are good and come in a staggering variety, but their website is tragically archaic and I wouldn’t recommend trying to purchase directly from them. But look around, everyone has them.  Q-workshop uses the Chessex style d4 and has a variety of dice.  I find that their styles are too “fiddly” for me to read easily in the heat of combat, but others will disagree.  I have a set of their Classic white dice and a handful of d10s for 7th Sea.  The bottom read d4’s are found in the Crystal Caste variety (although they have cool crystal dice).  Crystal Caste once was set to be a player in the dice world but have sort of fallen by the wayside.
On the high end you have Artisan Dice made of just about anything you can make dice from.  Man they are sweet.

A search for a unique selection of dice takes us to The Dice Lab, home of the d120.  Of little real use, it is still cool to have and it’s a product of SCIENCE!  They also have a variety of strange dice and d20’s that are mathematically balanced.  I can say from experience that their d20s _seem_ to roll more randomly that Chessex dice.  Of course I think that some of my dice hate me. I have some of their skew d6s for Shadowrun, and they are cool.
Oh, and there is Shapeways the 3d printers…
and Gamescience for the epitome of old school dice.  Just need a crayon to fill in the numbers…

…oh, and the best place to store them is in a Crown Royal bag.  You buy a dice bag at the liquor store and they give you free whisky!
There, that satisfies that particular albatross, so I’ll end it for today…