On weekends I sometime find myself staying up late following whatever music the You Tube suggestions take me to.  Last night it was Lindsey Stirling’s new album “Brave Enough”.  Very nice if you are fond of violin in a variety of genres.  But if you like Lindsey you’ll enjoy this album as well.  Definitely one for me to pick up off Amazon.
Other things I’ve found; well a lot actually.  From Leonard Cohen’s reading of The Sound of Silence, to Puddles and Post Modern Jukebox.
I’m a big fan of symphonic metal, especially Nightwish and Within Temptation.  Within Temptation’s concept album The Unforgiving makes its way regularly into my playlist.  Currently topping my list is Nightwish’s Endless Forms Most Beautiful.  Usually, Symphonic metal is dark and often brooding.  This is, well joyous.  The title song is all about how grand the world is and is one of the only songs I know that deals with evolution.  Its title is from a quote by Darwin. It references tiktalik, eukaryote, Panthalassa and “the shrew that survived”.  And it rocks hard.
I listen to Pandora, first pulled it up on my Roku and I find the variety it pulls into its playlists quite nice.  From it I’ve learned of Devil Doll and a handful of other rockabilly acts.  I should pay for the service and cut down on the annoying little ads, but I am a product of the radio generation, so ads are just part of listening to music.
Speaking of Roku, I’ve been watching Stranger Things on Netflix, kind of late to the party but that’s the joy of streaming, you watch when you want.  That’s also the downside, you have to come in with a desire to watch something particular, browsing to see “what’s on” just doesn’t work so well.  The search function on Roku works across all its channels, even finding things that aren’t there yet but might be in the future (I’m looking at you Nigella)  I’ve also begun watching DarkMatter, a surprisingly good little space opera show.  Only a couple shows into it, but so far the characters are interesting and diverse.  It’s nothing horribly original, but with only so many tropes it becomes a matter of how well they are executed rather than how original they are.