…Hello? Hello? tap tap tap…Is this thing still on?

It’s been a while.

The reason for re-opening the blog is the January 2022 Character Creation Challenge. I wanted to create characters for it, and thought “I’ve got a blog that’s sitting fallow, let’s put it to use.”

The bulk, if not all, of the characters will be made with the Alternity rules system.

For those of you unfamiliar with Alternity, it’s a science fiction RPG put out by TSR prior to the d20 craze of the 2000’s. It’s primarily skill based and has a unique die mechanic. You roll low on a d20 Control Die, then modify that roll with a Situation Die that steps up or down through the other polyhedrals: d4, d6, d8, d12 and d20.

In many cases I will be taking inspiration from different game systems to showcase the versatility of the Alternity system. I will be using some house rules and I’ll explain those at the intro to each character. The intent is to have character sheet .pdfs for each one attached to the respective blog post.
These will not be “optimized” builds, though they won’t be incompetent. Skills will be chosen for the character to make them interesting and to fit their back story. There are several skills that are good for the game, such as Stamina-endurance, and -resist pain, that are chosen for these characters only if it makes sense for the character’s story so far. In actual play the skill choices would be much more dictated by the flow of the game.

General House Rules:
Skill points for a starting hero are 3 x Int +30. A hero may initially purchase up to 6 broad skills, modified by his Int resistance modifier.
Humans start the game with 2 extra points for their ability scores. This replaces their 5 extra skill points.

My friend, Karla Hartzell, is working through my characters as her own drawing challenge. I will be adding the images to the character posts as she completes them.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to Fitz, the first of 31 characters to bring in the New Year.

Day 1: Fitz

Tomorrow Aura, a Fraal entertainer.

Day 2: Aura

Tomorrow Used, a master of disguise

Day 3: Used

Tomorrow Artemis, a cat burglar

Day 4: Artemis

Tomorrow Morgan, a scout ship commander

Day 5: Morgan

Tomorrow Zeke, a starship engineer

Day 6: Zeke

Tomorrow Doctor Hfuhruhurr, a Yazirian scientist

Day 7: Doctor Hfuhruhurr

Tomorrow Big Al, a hard core combat spec

Day 8: Big Al

Tomorrow Crewman Sorg, The Eternal Crewman

Day 9: Crewman Sorg

Tomorrow Reggie, a proper British Occultist

Day 10: Reggie

Tomorrow Captain Blood, a space pirate with no useful ship skills

Day 11: Captain Blood

Tomorrow Brother Marcus, a Hatire MindKnight

Day 12: Brother Marcus

Tomorrow Sister Hannah, a different type of MindKnight

Day 13: Sister Hannah

Tomorrow Brother Malcolm, another Hatire mindwalker

Day 14: Brother Malcolm

Tomorrow Muraou, a mutant puma

Day 15: Muraou

Tomorrow Charlie “Smiles” McConnell, an up and coming gangster

Day 16: Charlie Smiles McConnell

Tomorrow Titian, a DarkSun templar with a twist

Day 17: Titian

Tomorrow Azra, a burned-out mage

Day 18: Azra

Tomorrow Wilma Deering, from Buck Rogers XXVc

Day 19: Wilma Deering

Tomorrow Lady Jane Ravenswood, an Inventor

Day 20: Lady Jane

Tomorrow Uhura, Comms officer on the Enterprise

Day 21: Uhura

Next the members of the band Firebrand

Day 22: Joshua, lead guitar and vocals

Day 23: Angel, lead singer

Day 24: Buddy, on bass

Day 25: Twitch, on drums

Next Clem, a Shadowrun Rigger/mechanic

Day 26: Clem

Next Amanda, a Shadowrun Physical Adept

Day 27: Amanda

Next Andrew Kolchak, an investigative reporter

Day 28: Andrew Kolchak

Next Zoya, a Dragon Rider

Day 29: Zoya

Next dyonni, a fraal scientist

Day 30: djonni

Next Cerulean Blue, a Shadowrun Decker

Day 31: Cerulean Blue