January 2022

January 31: Cerulean Blue

Cerulean Blue is tired of living on the streets. She had hacked together a deck from discarded parts and managed a few small runs on her own against a handful of minor corps. Nothing to write home about, especially since she got caught. But before her stint in juvie she managed to rake in enough to set her up with a “decker’s suite” of nanocomp and related cybergear. Then Lone Star showed up at her door and even her jury-rigged deck was taken from her. Now she’s out with no place to go. Or at least that’s what she thought. She was contacted online by a fixer who sought to use her abilities to turn a nice profit. The mysterious figure fronted her an almost respectable deck and the contact information for a group of shadowrunners. So now she’s on her way to a meet, in a club she’s not old enough to get into, to join up with people who probably have big weapons. She’s not sure about the whole situation, but the promise of more money than she’s ever seen is motive enough. Time to get off the streets.

House Rules
No special house rules for Blue.

Blue Character Sheet

January 30: dyonni

Dr. dyonni f’vre has spent his whole life with humans. His parents moved on when he was very young, but thanks to their imprinting he had a whole personality pressed into his brain by the Ritual of Becoming. It took almost a whole year for the impression from his parent’s minds to sort itself into his unique personality. The result was, not surprisingly, a logical fraal with a love of the sciences, like his parents. Now he’s just finished University at Khuenaten Station and has started to experience the Wanderlust. Something decidedly not from his parents. He is now waiting for the job offers to pour in. He has been waiting for weeks. It has just occurred to him that maybe he should have chosen a specialty. Perhaps it is time to be more aggressive in his job search. Maybe a scout ship. Yes, that would be excellent.

House Rules
No special house rules for dyonni

dyonni Character Sheet

January 29: Zoya

Mentasynth in humans modifies recessive genes and can go generations without expression. Zoya is from a line that was thought to have died out since no one in her family had shown any sort of abilities. She left home at a young age to join a travelling carnival, quickly finding she has a rapport with fire lizards. She was happy for a time, training the little ones and performing for the masses. Her abilities matured as she did, and when the carnival visited High Reaches Weyr she came to the attention of the Dragon Riders. Tests and training followed, though her abilities have not strongly manifested she was able to impress an infant dragon and thus began a career as a Dragon Rider.
Her abilities only partially manifest in Telepathy, they more strongly influence fate with the Good Luck trait and a natural affinity for dragon riding.

House Rules
No special house rules for Zoya

Zoya Character Sheet

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