Fitz Character Sheet

Today’s character is Ethan Fitzgerald, aka Fitz. A Combat Specialist with the psionic talent of -precognition. He tested positive for psionic potential in highschool and was recruited into the military. His abilities never rose to the level of a full mindwalker; the military used drugs to enhance his ability and awaken his talent. Precognition was valuable to the military and he was assigned to a Special Insertion Unit during the war. Eventually the drugs took their toll and he mustered out of the military when his precognition became too unreliable. He has since been working security on Khuenaten Station. The station is undergoing repairs from damage during GWII and Fitz is there to reduce the number of construction accidents (as well as possible sabotage). On his down time, he is training with the fraal to regain and refine his talent.

Fitz suffers from alopecia totalis, a common genetic defect among those with psionic abilities. He sports an eight ball tattoo on his head, “for luck” according to his former squad. He’s 6′ tall, 198 lbs. most of it lean muscle.

Fitz is a Combat Spec, although more of a cheap detective. He has skill with powered armor from his days in the military, although I don’t see it coming up that often. He has no cyberware, not even a nanocomp, instead he taps into the station’s security systems with his computer gauntlet and displays the info on HUD contact lenses.
His psionic talent is terribly unstable (hence the flaws) but he will buy these off as he increases in level.

House Rules:
Human psionic Talents cannot use any specialty skills untrained.
Human Talents have Will/2 psionic energy points.
Heroes have Last Resort Point equal to 1/2 their Personality score.

Fitz Character Sheet

Fitz, drawing by Karla Hartzell