Aura is the first character I created with the Alternity rules back in the playtesting days. I was intrigued to make a non-combat character. I’ve updated her to the optional rules 2a and 2b as well as skills from the Mindwalking supplement. She is a fraal diplomat/mindwalker entertainer. She sings and plays the theremin and augments the sound through her music gauntlet. She uses her psionic talents to assist her in her performance; Electrokinetics to help with the theremin, Empathic Projection to help with the performance in general, and Illusion to make the whole thing distinctly her own. She performs for exclusive clientele and negotiates political deals. She’s just starting out, and although she knows her abilities can be used to harm, she’s not comfortable with the idea.
She has 3 contacts, Martin Skvrsky – bartender at the Corner Bar, Aereek – a strange little creature that lives in the station’s duct work, and Johan Amita – a Concord Administrator assigned to Khuenaten Station.

House Rules
Fraal diplomat/mindwalkers have psionic energy points equal to Will x 1.5
For Aura I did sell back the default Vehicle Operation broad skill.
I also allow her Rank 4 in her native language although technically 1st level characters can only have up to rank 3 in any specialty skill.

Aura Character Sheet
Aura, drawing by Karla Hartzell