Used Ferret (Pronounced: oo-sed feh-ray)
aka Ramond Moreau
aka Zayyaan al-Asad

I based Used in the Shadowforce Archer setting for the d20 Spycraft rules.
He’s a Lebanese American of French-Arabic decent. He collects identities. If he’s given a cover identity for a mission he tends to keep track of it and use it as an off-the-cuff ID if he needs one for a scam. Used and his family left Lebanon for America when he was a child. They settled in New Jersey where his father owns a Chevy dealership. Used was enthralled with New York City and spent much of his youth learning the ins and outs of the Big Apple. After high school he spent time with an uncle in Damascus, falling in love with that city. After that he travelled extensively through Europe.
He was recruited by the Archer Foundation after getting involved with a group of agents in Paris. Their mission had gone south and his knowledge of the streets helped get the agents to safety and he was brought into the fold.
Used’s strength is his disguise skill coupled with his detailed knowledge of 3 major cities. He maintains 2 identities on his own, separate from what the Foundation might require for a mission,

House Rules
No special house rules for Used, I did use the rule about buying a rank benefit early, since the character really needed disguise to start with. He might have been better off as a diplomat/free agent, but I would want him to progress into the seamier side of things as he levels up.

Used Character Sheet
Used, drawing by Karla Hartzell