Today we have Morgan Ironwulf from the cover of the Star Frontiers box set. The classic image by Elmore.
The recent Sathar war pushed many recent Golwin Academy graduates into positions of authority. She was given command of a scoutship, the Shrike, but never got to see any combat. Her first assignment is to scout the edges of the Xagyg Dust Nebula near Zebulon looking for a way through to open space. At the academy her naturally outgoing personality led her training in first contact protocols; a definite factor in her current assignment. She dabbles in the Yazirian language, picking up mostly curses and many different ways to say “Calm down” from the scientist assigned to her crew. She’s both pilot and captain of the Shrike.

House Rules
The albedo suit isn’t part of Alternity, I made it a less effective CF soft suit and bumped up the energy resistance.
I have house rules for various aspects of the Star Frontiers setting, but the albedo suits the only one that made it here.

Morgan’s Character Sheet
Morgan, Drawing by Karla Hartzell