Another character from the cover of Star Frontiers.
Zeke Bentley grew up an orphan on Outer Reach in the Dramune system, a typical hive of scum and villainy. His parents ran afoul of some criminal organization or another and paid the ultimate price. From this he learned to rely on himself and trust no one without good reason. He scraped by with his talent for turning discarded tech into something worth a few credits.
He fell in with a gang of salvagers and during the war dabbled in black market weapon reclamation. He was abandoned during a salvage operation at the remnants of a space battle when his companions left him behind. A Star Law patrol cruiser picked him up and he was given the choice between prison or a career in the military. He chose the latter. His assignment on the Shrike has proven much safer than the criminal world he left behind. He’s getting used to not constantly looking over his shoulder, almost.
He has official quarters on the ship, but prefers a hammock in the engineering section. He has made the section into his own, filled with bins of random parts and electronics he just hasn’t yet gotten around to fixing. Every time they make port his pay disappears and is replaced by more “good salvage” that will need repairs to be of any use.
Zeke is not a brave man, but will fight when necessary to save his own life. He’ll also risk his life for innocents, but he won’t admit that to anyone, not even himself.

I gave Zeke demolition, he set charges to blast through sealed blast door in wreckage he was trying to salvage. His maintenance robot doesn’t work, but he’s not giving up on it. The captain tolerates the profusion of parts since he’s a good engineer – as long as he keeps the parts away from the important systems.
I did not give Zeke 0-G skills, he’s not exactly phobic about freefall, but 0-G and EVAs are something he avoids unless absolutely necessary.

House Rules
The skeinsuit and power backpack are from Star Frontiers, I tweaked armor values for the suit. The backpack holds 100 charges that can be supplied via cable to his laser rifle. Well, it’s not really his, it’s part of the ship’s armory, but he keeps it handy in case he needs it. Besides, the backpack can also supply energy to his tech tools. Makes perfect sense.

Zeke Character Sheet
Zeke, Drawing by Karla Hartzell