Doctor Hfuhruhurr Uumellmahaye
A brilliant but unfocussed child, Hfuhruhurr spent his youth switching from one field of study to another, accumulating quite a breadth of knowledge. He was looking at a promising career with the terraforming mega-corp GOD-Co, until the war broke out. The military saw his multi discipline knowledge as an important asset, but his training was hampered by several disciplinary actions. Rather than wash him out completely they assigned him to a scout ship and sent him off to the fringes. This suited Hfuhruhurr’s independent nature, and each new world gave him new material to study towards his goal to eradicate Hopesh’s disease.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr maintains a distracted but superior attitude towards all those less intelligent than him. And in his opinion, that’s everyone. He wants to be left alone to his studies and resents intrusions. Things like computing navigation coordinates are distractions he would rather not be tasked with, but he knows it is the price he has to pay to seek out new discoveries.
I gave the good doctor a ton of science skills as well as medicine. In Star Frontiers Yazirians have a bonus to Intelligence, so I bumped him all the way up to 15.

House Rules
Having the –xenomedicine skill at rank 1 eliminates the 3 step penalty for performing medical skills on the species chosen. Higher ranks give a bonus to treatment of that species.
Yazirian Gliding: 1:1 ratio of height to distance in Moderate gravity, a ration of 1:3 in Low gravity
Yazirian Life Enemy: A life enemy is traditional with the Yazirian peoples, but not necessary. They may take an Obsession flaw to represent the pursuit of a life enemy.
Yazirian Battle Rage: This is a learned skill. To enter a Battle Rage the character must succeed at a Resolve-mental resolve skill check. The rage provides a bonus to unarmed or melee attacks based on the skill check: -1 for an Ordinary result, -2 for a Good result, and -3 for an Amazing result.
Night Vision: ignore penalties for low light, cannot see in total darkness.
Light Sensitivity: Ordinary illumination: +1 penalty, Good illumination, +2 penalty, Amazing, +3 penalty. Special goggles negate these penalties.

Doctor Hfuhruhurr
Character Sheet
Doctor Hfuhruhurr, Drawing by Karla Hartzell