Like many soldiers in the war, “Big Al” Highcastle joined to clear a criminal conviction from his background. In his case several instances of assault. He took to the training with gusto, and took to the actual fighting with even more passion. At the close of Galactic War II he was looking at a less than honorable discharge for a number of violent infractions when the armistice saved his career. Austrin-Ontis tithed its less than exemplary soldiers to the newly formed Concord as part of the new interstellar peace-keeping force. Big Al likes the military life, and this time he’s decided to go by the rules, time will tell how well he holds to that conviction.

Big Al is a combat monster.

House Rules
No special house rules except allowing him to have appropriate weapons and armor for a Concord soldier.

Big Al
Character Sheet
Big Al, Drawing by Karla Hartzell