Crewman Sorg
Maynard Sorg is the definition of non-descript. He moves through his day without drawing much attention, tending whatever systems the duty roster has him assigned to. Several years ago, he was assigned as the tech on a scanning mission to a derelict spaceship. Things went wrong and crewman Sorg suffered a traumatic brain injury. The damage was healed, but he lost a good portion of his memories. A side effect was that for a while he was able to absorb information like a sponge. He learned just about everything there is to know about the ship CSS Gjaller, and her crew. He is friendly enough with the crew and knows everyone by name.

The Bad Luck flaw means whenever EVA is required and lots are drawn to see who goes, Crewman Sorg always gets the short straw. He goes on assignments when the roster requires, but if something “interesting” is going to happen, it’s going to happen on his cycle. He does not yet have a reputation among the crew as unlucky, the fact that he keeps making it back mollifies the more superstitious of the crew.
To help recover from his amnesia he reviewed his files and knows about his past, but has no particular attachment to who he was.

House Rules
No special house rules for Crewman Sorg.

Crewman Sorg
Character Sheet
Crewman Sorg, Drawing by Karla Hartzell