Reginald Q. Farnsworth III (accent on the “Q”, drawl “the third”) Was a bit of a dandy back in the day. Inheritor of a modest country estate, he, and the grounds, have gone a bit to seed. He’s gentilly poor, always seems to have enough to purchase the next arcane tome that he simply must have, but beyond that his true worth is a mystery. The estate still brings in enough to support itself, but his staff has been reduced to a bitter cook and an absent minded butler.
Reggie has a well deserverd reputation as an eccentric. His manner and appearance, once so exacting, are now little more than an afterthought.
He traffics in the underground market of occult books.
He channels the beginnings of true power.
He has seen things that should not be.

House rules:
The FX level is “Realistic”, Reggie is a definite exception in the occult word.
FX points are modified by the character’s WILL resistance modifier.
Reggie is 3rd level.

Reggie Character Sheet
Reggie, Drawing by Karla Hartzell