Captain Blood is captain of the Wraith, a scout ship crewed by a roster of capable misfits. Originally an agent for the New Earth Organization, he abandoned his mission when a RAM scoutship fell into his possession. He decided being a privateer against the enemies of NEO suited his ideom better.

Captain Blood was a character I played in a Buck Rogers game at GenCon, and it was the best time I’ve ever had at a Con. I’ve kept him true to his origins – he has no useful ship skills, He makes due with inspiring his crew and they are more than capable of running the ship without him. He has a fascination with old movies and in the Con game we ended up with a limited use time machine and went back in time to steal a copy of Gone With the Wind. Then there was Fu Manchu.

House Rules
I gave the good Captain the Clueless flaw with the Sys Ops broad skill. The flaw is supposed to be for a specialty skill, but as played he is always ready to operate any system on the ship, and has to be convinced not to help. Mostly he would just push buttons and ask for status updates, so I thought the full broad skill was appropriate.
I made him 3rd level to give him the appropriate skills.

Captain Blood Character Sheet
Captain Blood, Drawing by Karla Hartzell