Brother Marcus was raised in the Academie du Monde on Haven in Hatire space. His devotion to the Cosimir is complete and his blessings are many. He excelled in the psionic arts and his quiet demeanor lent him to a diplomatic career.
Marcus has never before been off world. In truth he has rarely been outside the academy’s walls. He has been indoctrinated in the Hatire rejection of technology to the point of having the primitive flaw and an outright fear of robots.
Marcus has been teamed with two other Mind Knights and assigned to the Concord Alliance diplomatic corps. Time will tell what form the young knight’s faith will take as it’s tested against the morals of a sinful galaxy.

House Rules
For Marcus, I sold back Vehicle Operation, exchanged his Area Knowledge for Religion.

Honestly, he’s not a Jedi.

Brother Marcus
Character Sheet