Brother Malcom isn’t officially a Mind Knight, although he doesn’t bother to correct those that mistake him for one. It’s the robe you see. The blessed of the Cosimir all wear robes, and outsiders never seem to see the subtleties. His talents did not lend themselves to combat, but the Hatire have a place for everyone with abilities, for him it is to shepherd a couple of young Mind Knights into the larger world.
Brother Malcolm has doubts. His abilities have begun to make him feel unstuck in time and space. What’s worse, in the moments when he feels disconnected he does not feel the presence of the Cosimir. Brother Marcus would say it’s because he has dispensation to use computers and that takes away from his piety. Malcolm’s keeping all this to himself for now.

House Rules
For Brother Malcolm I sold back Vehicle Operation. I gave him the Reluctant Psi flaw to represent his hesitance to use his powers now that he’s feeling unstuck in time.

Brother Malcolm
Character Sheet
Drawing by Karla Hartzell