Alphonse Grimm’s dreams are of liquid and pain.  On good nights they are green and muffled, the color of the liquid he awoke to in his cloning tube, the voices of the technicians muted through the bubbling fluid.  On bad nights they are claws and jaws, blood and his own screams adding to those of his squad.  On good nights he wakes when the dream reaches the decanting, the bracing feel of air on his skin, in his lungs.  On bad nights he has to rip himself awake with his own screaming. 

On most mornings he wakes up in the cargo bed of his modified Hellion 4×4, climbs out of his sleeping bag and checks his armor before rummaging through his box of MilRats for breakfast.  Special days find him rolling out of an actual bed at Maeve’s Inn in Backwater Station.  The original Backwater Station was overrun by zerg the first time he “visited”.  Following the protoss bombarding the planet and the terraforming that followed waves of colonists made it back to their world. Rebuilding this far into the badlands takes a special kind of crazy, hunting zerg in the badlands takes a special kind of desperate.  Alphonse “Reaper” Grimm isn’t crazy or desperate, he’s mad.  All the time.   His squad was the only family he had, all decanted at the same time.  His batch was MarSara-K8-73.  He was number 32.  He didn’t become Alphonse until a sweet young lady in JoeyRay’s gave him the moniker and it stuck.  “Reaper” came later.  When Mar Sara was overrun, he fought until the last moments, but as the drop ship lifted off he could see the last of his brothers cut off from salvation.  Raynor offered to let him join the Raiders, and it seemed like a good idea, but then the Protoss killed every living thing left on Mar Sara and nothing seemed to make sense any more. He tried the mercenary gig for a bit, that’s where he picked up the call sign Reaper but he was saddled with the notion that Big Things were happening around them and sank further into depression.

Once all the wars died down he found himself back on Mar Sara hunting feral zerg.  Killing the damned monsters gave him the feeling that he was doing something, though initially is was all out of revenge for what had been done to his people, his world. 

But now the bounties are not so profitable, the zerg are getting few and far between, and the rage is dying out little by little.  There’s a pretty little bureaucrat who has taken it upon herself to teach him geology in exchange for some of the crystals he brings in.  When the protoss bastards glassed the planet something happened to the crystals and the gov will pay big bucks for the new form of crystal and more for the coordinates where the crystals are found. 

Alphonse Grimm