Received my physical copy of Apollo 47 Technical Handbook in the mail from, The thing is a 1200 page Monster.
The premise is that it’s the late ’80s and you are on one of a long line of Apollo moon missions. The game play is purely improv, you take turns being the spotlight astronaut, while everyone else is voices over the radio. Everything is part of the conversation, and nothing interesting is supposed to happen. You use call and response with exciting exchanges like:
“Once the dust shroud is off, use the G27 wrench to loosen the restraining bolt.”
“Copy that Houston, Dust shroud is off, and I am loosening the restraining bolt.”
“Loosen the bolt, do not remove the bolt at this time.”

On its own, it is the most amazingly simple, yet potentially fun game I’ve run across. The game itself is like, 1 page. If it’s so simple what’s with the 1200 pages? NASA manuals. Lots of NASA manuals. There’s no table of contents! No index! No continuous page numbers!

The rules are Pay What You Want. The hardcopy has around $40 as a minimum to cover printing. Seriously, pick up the rules. This would be great for road trips (say, to GenCon).