Artemis Gordon was named after her great great grandfather, who was a Secret Service Agent. Her family has long and proudly served in various law enforcement capacities for the US government, but Artemis followed a different path.
She has always been energetic and had an interest in Extreme Sports. She is slowly working her way up through the ranks of the sports culture, but her real love has a less respectable bent. Using her skills, she has sought the exciting life as a cat burglar. Recently she came to the attention of an anonymous employer willing to pay big money for a bit of corporate espionage. She broke in, stole files and planted a virus to cover the data loss. When she met with her fixer it was revealed that the client was the Archer Foundation and the files she procured were for a deadly chemical weapon that was now no longer a threat. She was offered a chance to join the organization, which she gladly accepted. Now a secret agent, her adrenaline junkie heart couldn’t be happier. She is not above a bit of larceny while on the job and treats it just as a bonus payment for her skills.
I made her with a high Personality score, but no special skills in that area, it’s something she may grow into (the femme fatale) or not as the fates decide.

No special House Rules for Artemis

Character Sheet
Artemis, drawing by Karla Hartzell